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The industry leader in tailgate gap bridging solutions!

A MUST HAVE for truck owners that haul dirt, sand, gravel, debris, topsoil, wheeled items and more. Easy to install, made of durable 12 ga. Stainless Steel right here in America, the Tail Bridge System is built for one reason... to bridge the gap between your truck bed and tailgate.

Tail Bridge Spotlight

Cross section of the GMC/Chevrolet truck bed.


Unfortunately, the truck bed design of most GMC/Chevrolet trucks are corrugated flush to the tailgate, there is no flat space between the truck bed and tailgate to install the Tail Bridge System.  Before ordering, verify installation compatibility on our fit chart page.

Our R&D team is at work seeking a solution. If you would like to be kept informed on this and other developments click here.

Purpose: Why we made it


The Tail Bridge tailgate bridging system was created to serve one purpose, and one purpose only... to bridge the inherent gap between the truck bed and the tailgate when the tailgate is in the open position.

Solution: Tail Bridge


When the Tail Bridge tailgate bridging system is properly installed, the bridge plate tracks downward on the glide plates as the tailgate is opened, spanning the space between the truck bed and tailgate, eliminating debris from accumulating in the tailgate gap.


When the tailgate is closed, the bridge plate tracks upward with the tailgate, and nestles against the proprietary anti-blow back tab guard.

Sweeping dirt over the Tail Bridge System

What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Tail Bridge in the upright position with the tailgate closed showing no debris in the tailgate gap.

Bill C.

Just installed Tail Bridge in my Ford F-150. It is awesome!

Looks great and works amazing. The instructions walked me through the simple installation.

After hauling my first load of garden mulch, I was amazed at how smooth it just swept over the Tail Bridge. No gap!

Definitely a satisfied customer!

Rick M.

Full disclosure here. I am the inventor of the Tail Bridge tailgate bridging system. With that said, and as straight up as I can say... it works!
I am proud of what the team has accomplished. A product that fills a need, that truly works, is value oriented, and is designed, sourced, and made right here in America.
A dream come true! I hope you enjoy the system as much as I have had creating, and using the Tail Bridge.

Layne Lundstrom

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