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How it Began

Company History: The Tail Bridge System was, and is driven by a need realized in the foothills of the Lasalle range in Fairview, Utah. It is the brainchild of Layne Lundstrom, Sifu in fire mitigation on lands owned at 8,000’ in the magnificent mountains that are the Lasalle’s.

With many years committed to fire mitigation on those lands, the sheer volume of wildfire fuel removed has been immense. And with each truck load to the burn pile came the undesirable task of cleaning the debris out from the gap between the truck bed and the tailgate. After all, it's bad enough to load, haul and empty your truck bed, the last thing needed as you bake in the sun is cleaning that  _ _ _ _  gap!

Hence, the Tail Bridge tailgate bridging solution. A viable, made in America, one-of-a-kind system that bridges that gap between your truck bed and tailgate. What began as an idea many years ago has come full-circle and is now available to the public.

Though simplistic, the Tail Bridge proprietary tailgate bridging system is quite precise. We have done our due diligence to address as many variables as possible to make it easy to install and enjoy your Tail Bridge tailgate bridging system. 

From hole placement for easy drill access, to glide plate protection for your tailgate finish and blow-back tab guards for fit and noise suppression. And the hinge system... well that's protected IP!


Every action was meticulously thought through to provide the best, American made solution for bridging the gap between your truck bed and tailgate. Challenges emerged, solutions evolved. Precision with the finest of detail.

We hope you enjoy your Tail Bridge tailgate bridging solution as much as we have enjoyed developing it, manufacturing it, using it, and knowingly contributing to the success of the American manufacturing community in the process, THANK YOU!

Tail Bridge is designed, sourced and made in America

Designed, sourced, and made in America!

Tail Bridge inventors cabin in the Lasalle mountain range.

Core Values


Designed, Sourced and Made in America!

From the beginning, it was imperative that the Tail Bridge tailgate bridging solution be made in America. If that meant we as the owners had to increase our production costs we would. And we would not flow those costs to our clients.


To us... it is worth it!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality, value oriented, sourced and made in America solution to an identifiable problem for truck owners nationwide. 


We are committed to treating each employee, client and business partner with respect, honesty, and the gratitude they deserve.

Thank you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If our customers are not happy with their Tail Bridge tailgate bridging solution they may return it for a full refund.

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